Event Positions

Capture the attention of in-market, local shoppers and drive them to your lot with Event Positions.


  • Reach shoppers on and off Cars.com
  • Drive awareness for an event
  • Engage with in-market consumers across all devices


  • Targeted ads based on location
  • Customizable, state of the art ad functionality
  • Ads served on both desktop and mobile platforms

Proven Performance:

  • 79% of Cars.com consumers plan to buy a car in the next six months.¹
  • com influences 63 sales per dealer per month, in which 68% per dealer per month were first-time visitors.¹


  1. Consumer Metrics Study, Cars.com. March 2017
  2. Third Party Sites Bring First-Time Customers To Your Dealership.” Transparency w/Cars.com Q1 Case Study, May 2017