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People research auto service online every day. But, did you know that in most of these searches, dealership service departments aren’t showing up? Test your eyesight and learn how you can get your service department’s digital presence in gear.

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Are you doing enough to showcase your service department online?

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Stay in front of shoppers

Online maintenance category searches increased 66% in the last three years.3

Whether it’s on your dealer site, or on third-party sites, make sure your service department is easily found online.

Retain Out-Of-Warranty Customers

Dealers have lost an average of 60-78% of revenue on cars 3-6 years old, and 82-92% for cars older than 7 years.4

Fostering a relationship over the lifetime of car ownership is great for your service department’s revenue, and for when customers are ready to buy again.

Ask For Reviews

79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.5

Encourage your service department employees to ask customers to share their experience online.

Promote certifications

Tech Certification is the most important attribute consumers seek when trading off between service providers.6

Prominently feature your service certifications online. It’s a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Advertise your prices

Perceived higher pricing is the #1 reason customers avoid dealerships.7

Help customers see that dealer service is competitively priced by posting your prices online.

Optimize for mobile

40% of consumers have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.8

Smartphones are everywhere, and almost everyone is on one. So make sure that you keep your service department’s mobile presence tuned up at all times.

Developing a strong online presence for your fixed operation’s business is vital for the long-term success of both the sales and service departments at your dealership. Learn how to get in front of service shoppers before it’s too late.

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Contact your Cars.com rep to get your service department’s digital presence in gear.

Mobile IQ


Are you everywhere today’s car shoppers are? Test your Mobile IQ to see if you’re making smart marketing decisions when it comes to reaching shoppers on their smartphones. Your personalized results will give you the knowledge you need to get in front of car shoppers before it's too late.

What percentage of shoppers are undecided when they begin their car search?


1 / 8

In a recent survey of in-market car buyers, how many used their smartphone to research their purchase?


2 / 8

One in four shoppers use ONLY a smartphone for research prior to visiting a dealership.


3 / 8

More than 60% of shoppers used their smartphones while at the dealership to do additional research about their purchase.


4 / 8

What type of site do most shoppers visit to do additional research when on the lot?

Search engine
OEM app or website
Dealership app or website
Third-party auto website

5 / 8

When using their phone for additional research while on a dealer's lot, what percentage of shoppers are looking for some type of pricing information?


6 / 8

Have you checked your website from a mobile device? Is the experience as seamless and easy on a smartphone as it is on a computer?


7 / 8

Do you offer free WiFi in your showroom?


8 / 8

SEM Questions


Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your SEM spend? Even if you don’t have time to become a digital marketing expert, take a quick look at our list of questions to ask yourself that will help you maximize your paid search dollars.

SEM Questions

Have a dealership to run and don’t have time to be a digital marketing expert, too?

You don’t need to have all the answers, but you do need to know the right questions to ask. Here’s where to start.

How much are you really paying to get shoppers to your website?

Instead of just measuring how much traffic you get, remember it’s what visitors do on your website after the click that really counts. Set goals around the shopping behavior that lead to sales, and optimize campaigns to attract visits that are most likely to convert.

Download these questions

What’s really driving quality traffic to your website?

Web reports don’t always show what influenced the shopper before the last click. When you attribute conversion solely to paid search, you could be missing out on other sources that helped drive the shopper to your site in the first place.

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Will being the first ad in search results increase sales?

This may seem like a winning strategy, but it might not be profitable. You’ll need to outbid competitors on the top spot – so it’ll always cost you more, but may not have a higher conversion rate.

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Are your search keywords courting shoppers at the right stage?

Buying keywords that target shoppers who aren’t ready to engage on your website will cost you. While it may be tempting, early-stage shoppers are still looking for independent advice and are unlikely to visit a dealer site – and even less likely to convert if they do.

Download these questions

Do you know the point at which spending more is getting you less?

When you increase spending in paid search, you can quickly reach a point of diminishing returns. Spending more usually requires you to expand your strategy beyond top-performing keywords. Lead quality will decrease, cost per acquisition will soar and your ROI will take the hit.

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