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Bo Beuckman Ford Puts Online Reviews Front and Center

According to Rory Foster, Communications Director at Bo Beuckman Ford, the benefits of quality online reviews are two-fold: the dealership attracts new customers and individual sales associates see new, unassisted referrals. Learn how he implemented an online reputation management program to increase sales and retain service customers.

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Insight of the Week: Millennials Outrank General Population in Car Buying Intent

With innovations like ride sharing apps and short-term rental programs, many dealers have concerns about the future of car ownership, particularly among millennials. But while young consumers have new transportation options, the reality is that most still need (and want) to own a vehicle. In 2014, the 18-34 age group accounted for 26 percent of all new-vehicle sales, making […]

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Getting To Know The Luxury Car Shopper

Cars.com knows Luxury car shoppers. With approximately 45% of our users considering Luxury vehicles, understanding how to approach this cohort of shoppers is essential to being successful on Cars.com. A growing segment, Luxury sales were up as much as 7% last year, and they're expected to continue to grow in 2015. So what makes this group of shoppers so […]

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Unveiling the Cars.com Best Of 2015 Award Winners

Each year, Cars.com editors spend hundreds of hours test driving new and newly designed vehicles, sharing their expert point of view to help consumers find the right car. But out of all the vehicles our editors get behind the wheel of, which one is the best, and why? As you might imagine, it's common question among […]

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Cars.com Offers Service Certification, Helps Franchise Dealers Stand Out Amid Rising Competition

Cars.com announced today it will unveil its first program designed specifically to help differentiate dealership service departments. RepairPal Certified, launching at NADA 2015 in San Francisco, is a certification badge developed in partnership with RepairPal, for qualified franchise dealerships that distinctively verifies trusted service departments. The badge assures consumers that a dealership’s service department has […]

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