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Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships Tops 5,000 Reviews Milestone

Taking advantage of new consumers trends requires both experience and vision – experience to understand what’s worked in the past and vision to take the first step forward, even when others sit back. Few have done this better than Vince Downing, General Manager of the Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships in Lima, Ohio. After attending […]

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Cars.com Analyzes Dealer Reviews to Uncover Common Shopper Pain Points, National Trends

Online reviews continue to grow in importance within the automotive industry, with seven of 10 car shoppers stating that reviews of dealerships are a ‘very’ or ‘extremely’ important part of the research process. To better understand this trend, Cars.com conducted a text analysis using the nearly one million consumer-submitted reviews on its site and uncovered […]

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A Veteran's Guide to Creating a Positive Dealership Work Environment

Keeping employees engaged is a challenge in nearly every industry, and automotive is no exception. The long hours and rigorous demands of dealership life bring a unique set of obstacles that require managers at all levels to be intentional about the way they lead their teams. However, in some cases, the daily grind unfortunately trumps […]

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Bo Beuckman Ford Puts Online Reviews Front and Center

According to Rory Foster, Communications Director at Bo Beuckman Ford, the benefits of quality online reviews are two-fold: the dealership attracts new customers and individual sales associates see new, unassisted referrals. Learn how he implemented an online reputation management program to increase sales and retain service customers.

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Insight of the Week: Millennials Outrank General Population in Car Buying Intent

With innovations like ride sharing apps and short-term rental programs, many dealers have concerns about the future of car ownership, particularly among millennials. But while young consumers have new transportation options, the reality is that most still need (and want) to own a vehicle. In 2014, the 18-34 age group accounted for 26 percent of all new-vehicle sales, making […]

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