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CARS.com has on average 27.3 million visits from in-market shoppers.2

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80% of car shoppers used a mobile device for auto research1

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What influences shoppers when choosing where to take their car for service and repair?

Consumer reviews are among the top three factors when consumers are deciding where to take their car for service and repair.

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Stat of the week: Four out of five car shoppers use a smartphone for research

Whether standing in line at the local coffee shop, working at the office or relaxing at home after a long day, modern consumers are always connected to their mobile devices. Easy-to-use smartphones allow shoppers to have information at their fingertips no matter where they are, making mobile research a game-changer when it comes to car sales. Recent research […]

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Ford F-150 Tops Cars.com's 2014 American-Made Index

This week, the Cars.com editorial team released its annual American-Made Index, with the Ford F-150 taking the top spot for the second year in a row. The ranking takes into account three factors to determine how "American" cars are, including domestic-parts content (percentage of a vehicle's parts considered to be "domestic," meaning built in the U.S. […]

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Stat of the week: The rise of smartphone-only car shoppers

  With drastic improvements to features, signal coverage and data bandwidth, as well as an explosion of mobile web content, mobile phones have become fully functional computing devices. More than a tool to simply check email, get directions and update social media statuses, in just a few short years, smartphones have become true utility devices, offering […]

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[Infographic] Service Due: Tuning Up Your Online Presence

One of the biggest challenges facing dealers today is a lack of online exposure for, arguably, the most important department in the dealership: fix ops. A longtime profit center, in recent years, lack of competitive digital marketing has put many stores at a disadvantage to national chains and local repair shops that have embraced new shifts in consumers behavior. […]

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[ebook] Scheduled Maintenance: Leveraging Online Reviews in the Service Lane

Online reviews are the new word of mouth for service customers. Ranking behind only technician certification level and warranty in importance to potential service customers, reviews can make the difference between a customer visiting your dealership for repairs versus a competitor or national chain down the road. Your store has a unique ability to differentiate its […]

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