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independent research sites are the most cited sources of influence for car shoppers?1

The most cited source of influence online or offline are independent research sites, like Cars.com.

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Millennials Quick to Connect with Independent Research Sites

Contrary to the common misconception, Millennial consumers are very much interested in purchasing vehicles. In fact, they now account for a larger percentage of U.S. new-vehicle retail sales than Gen X (26% vs. 24%). But even though Millennials are a unique and growing audience for automotive marketers, they’re often overlooked and grouped alongside their older […]

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Cars.com Reaches 1 Million Dealer Reviews, Offers Enhanced Site Experience to Automotive Consumers

Cars.com announced today it has received more than 1 million consumer-generated online reviews since the site feature first launched just four years ago. "We're proud to reach 1 million reviews for our dealer customers. It shows just how engaged Cars.com shoppers are during the dealership visit and the value they put on reviews in choosing […]

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The Case Against ALL CAPS: No-Nonsense Advice for Writing Vehicle Comments (and Other Dealership Content)

When writing vehicle comments, pages for your website and other dealership-related content, it’s easy to get swept up by formatting gimmicks that (in theory) draw attention to your words. The car business is competitive, and it’s understandable to think that extra characters, added punctuation and constant capitalization might provide a leg up on local rivals. But […]

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A Better Response To Email Leads

For a lot of dealerships, email leads are still the single most important metric in the car business. A signal of intent and an opportunity to engage, they provide a delicate line of communication between the dealership and potential customers. However, the reality is that most car shoppers don't send traditional email leads, and those that do are influenced by a […]

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Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships Tops 5,000 Reviews Milestone

Taking advantage of new consumers trends requires both experience and vision – experience to understand what’s worked in the past and vision to take the first step forward, even when others sit back. Few have done this better than Vince Downing, General Manager of the Tom Ahl Family of Dealerships in Lima, Ohio. After attending […]

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