• Walk-In Shoppers Aren’t Sending Leads

    Walk-In Shoppers Aren’t Sending Leads

    We recently worked with an outside research firm to learn more about walk-in shoppers. With the advent of our Lot Insights report and our desire to continually understand and improve our reporting on our in-market car buying audience, we’ve found some very interesting nuggets of information. We asked cars shoppers if at any point during […]

  • Vehicle Pricing Tools: From Transparency to Trust

    Vehicle Pricing Tools: From Transparency to Trust

    Understanding what motivates car shoppers and their needs is critical to win in today’s competitive marketplace. As consumers move through their car buying journey they are looking for information to make informed decisions on what to buy, where to buy and who to buy from. Increasingly, one of the top concerns for any car shopper […]

  • Car Shoppers Are Judging You: A White Paper

    Car Shoppers Are Judging You: A White Paper

    We at Cars.com love reviews and DealerRater.  We also love helping connect car shoppers to the right car and the right person at the right dealership.  So, we worked to find out how car shoppers use reviews today and how reviews influence their car shopping and car servicing decisions. We know online resources carry more […]

  • What Your Merchandising Tells Car Shoppers

    What Your Merchandising Tells Car Shoppers

    Car shoppers want to see more photos and read more detailed sellers notes.  Period.  That’s the key insight we learned from our latest Voice of the Consumer survey.  If you needed another kick to update your vehicle merchandising strategy, let this be it. In December 2016, we found that 87 percent of car shoppers surveyed […]

  • 5 Questions Dealers Should Ask in 2017

    5 Questions Dealers Should Ask in 2017

    A new year means new opportunity to grow your business.  That means you can’t keep operating under the same mindset when it comes to setting goals, planning advertising, and evaluating metrics if you want to be successful in growing your dealership and continuing to move metal and servicing vehicles. It’s vital to your business to […]

  • A Car Shopper’s Buying Process – CPO Journey

    We’ve said it before, car shoppers show up on the lot with a myriad of knowledge and expectations and at different stages in the car buying process.  Here, we are laying out the key needs, thoughts, and buying triggers of consumers who are considering purchasing a Certified Pre-owned vehicle.  If you’re able to identify consumers […]

  • The Three Types of Walk-Ins: Infographic

    A vehicle purchase is an important and exciting decision for car shoppers.  Not every car shopper walks onto the lot with the same mindset.  They walk in with different levels of knowledge and research they’ve gathered online or from friends and family.  Considering what drives car shoppers to the lot will better help you understand […]

  • Voice of the Consumer: October Insights

    Voice of the Consumer: October Insights

    Every month, we reach out to visitors of Cars.com for insights into their experiences.  These insights help us at Cars.com stay connected to consumers to ensure we are always in tune with their wants and needs and can better improve results for dealers. We consistently ask Cars.Com visitors what their top suggestions are for improving […]

  • Importance of Mobile: Infographic

    Check out our latest infographic on the importance of mobile – what consumers do on a dealer’s lot and some of the predictive indicators that they will show up on the lot.  Click to view in full. mobileinfographic

  • Consumer Insights: 3 Easy Ways to Enhance Used Car Listings

      An average of 30 million consumers visit Cars.com every month¹. While some consumers are looking to sell their car or researching the value of their car, about 9 out of 10 are looking at cars for sale.  Most of those shoppers (84%) are looking at used vehicles². With so much consumer traffic on used […]