Insight of the week: Two-thirds of shoppers see digital as their "go-to" source

Consumer car shopping habits, automotive marketing reserachThe average consumer spends weeks, sometimes months, researching their purchase when shopping for a new car. Most try to have every detail covered, every question accounted for. And as they move back and forth between independent research sites and manufacturer websites, dealer websites to search engines, the bulk of the heavy lifting takes place online, where consumers are best equipped to compare options and make an informed, confident decisions.

Click to download study
Click to download study

Our new study, The Digital Influence, takes this concept of online research a step further, asking consumers not only which sources of information they used when purchasing a vehicle, but also how they viewed each source in terms of helpfulness and trust. What we found is that, though consumers are exposed to dozens of sources of automotive content when shopping, they count on just a small handful as their “go-to” tools for making decisions about what to buy and where to buy it. Moreover, two-thirds of shoppers said than an online-source was one of their go-to resources, reinforcing the importance of building a strong, multifaceted presence online.

Is your dealership set up to reach shoppers when they’re most active and engaged online? Download the complete study above to learn how to prepare your store to reach online car buyers.

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