[Contest] How do you handle "walk-in" ups?

Every single day customers step onto dealership lots, research in hand, without ever submitting an email lead or calling. You may not know their names, where they’ve been shopping or what type of vehicles they’re interested in, but still you’re tasked with communicating your store’s value, highlighting appropriate inventory and ushering these “walk-ins” through your  store’s sales process. It’s not an easy task.

Dealers across the country use Cars.com reporting to optimize their dealership to serve these informed car shoppers, and they’re coming up with creative ways to identify them on the lot and tailor their sales process accordingly.

Cars.com Walk-in Challenge

How does your dealership prepare for “walk-in” ups? We’re asking our dealer-partners to share their expert tips (e.g., outfitting your sales staff with mobile devices so they can easily access info for shoppers on the lot) in a few short paragraphs for a chance to win great prizes, including a $500 gift card. To participate, head over to the contest tab on the DealerADVantage Facebook page and share your submission today. The contest runs through May 2, 2014.

2 thoughts on “[Contest] How do you handle "walk-in" ups?

  1. (“outfitting your sales staff with mobile devices so they can easily access info for shoppers on the lot”) There was an episode of “2 1/2 Men” where the teenage nephew and his friend miss a party and end-up sitting in a diner with Uncle Charlie. They are depressed because now they can’t hook-up. Charlie points-out two teenage girls sitting at a booth.The slow-witted nephew says, “But I don’t have their number to text them.” —- Shut-off the tech and let nature take its course.

  2. Don’t Ever PreJudge a customer. Just cause they may appear broke doesn’t mean they are broke. For all you know they could be one of the richest people around, but just don’t dress flashy.

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