[Infographic] Driving customers through the power of mobile

JDP-Mobile-FINALIf you’re not meeting car shoppers with a high-quality mobile experience, you’re likely setting your dealership up to miss opportunities, and ultimately lose out on sales. Now that roughly four out of five consumers between the ages of 18-34 owns a smartphone, the success of your dealership’s marketing depends largely on how well you cater to the needs of new mobile shoppers.

On Cars.com, we know that about 40% of all traffic arrives via a mobile device, and with nonvoice mobile usage expected exceed time spent on desktops and laptops in the United States for the first time ever in 2014, there’s never been a better time to assess how well your dealership’s marketing mix reaches and influences mobile shoppers.

New Mobile Behaviors

Though the core objective of a car shopper is the same regardless of platform  – finding the right vehicle and dealership to purchase from – it’s important to take stock of how mobile and desktop platforms work together throughout the shopping process. The average adult is glued to their smartphone, spending over two hours per day accessing mobile content, so it’s no surprise that their mobile device plays a central role in the vehicle research and decision making process. Boundaries that used to exist between information available at the dealership and information available at home are quickly fading, with close to half of Cars.com visitors accessing automotive content on their smartphones directly from a dealership lot prior to purchasing a vehicle. Savvy dealerships can embrace these new behaviors by optimizing their presence for mobile audiences and connecting in-dealership processes to reflect what shoppers experience through their smart devices.

Download the Cars.com Power of Mobile Infographic

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  1. well yes – all so true – however ( how can i put this most gently ? )
    i fine-tune all the presentation content as well possible WITHIN THE LIMITATIONS of a ending at a website and starting at the inventory module – i would never consider not using cars.com but the content platform needs important upgrades – ( that is as gentle as i can be )

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