One thought on “Industry Minute: How Should I Follow-Up with Prospects?

  1. The speaker points out two great problems with the current methods:

    1) Emails frequently don’t get delivered (ISP blocks, SPAM filters) or seen (email inundation)
    2) People don’t like to answer the phone if they don’t recognize the number or know it is a sales call – burning lots of manpower making repeated calls and annoying the potential customers.

    The speak also, without saying so, admits leaving voice mails and expecting a call back is nearly useless.

    So why do these methods persist? If you get a customer to Opt-In to text messaging you can communicate with them instantly in the method that THEY prefer. Text is guaranteed instant delivery and nearly 100% are viewed by the recipient, usually within seconds.

    It’s not what some GSM or Internet Sales Manager who started in the business 20 years ago thinks (that calling is the only way to communicate) it is what your customer thinks (sales calls are annoying).

    Dealerships that embrace the new paradigm for mobile communications will have a huge advantage over competitors spending tons on money on BDC department annoying prospects.

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