Dealer Don't: Outdated Photos

While it makes sense to move aged inventory with a lower price, be sure to update the photos, if necessary.

This listing, for example, could cause confusion with a shopper:

– Is the price $10,995 or $11,995?

– Will I have to argue with the salesperson to get the lower price?

Imagine another scenario. What if you have a popular car that can now command $1,000 more than the price shown in the photo? Would you want to risk losing that additional gross or giving someone reason to criticize your store on a dealer rating site?

There may also be legal concerns. Some states mandate that vehicles be consistently priced across all advertising channels (e.g., online, print and on the lot). If you’re unsure, contact your state dealer association.

What process do you use to ensure your photos are current? Please Join the Conversation below.

One thought on “Dealer Don't: Outdated Photos

  1. We have a basic rule: No prices on the car in photos. For all the reasons mentioned aboved plus it is a bit of an insult to the shopper.. “What, they don’t think I see that sale price on the car and now they want more for it?”

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