One thought on “Turbo Tips: How Should I Use an Autoresponder?

  1. Ahh, the age old question of the auto-responder.

    I believe the auto-responder can be a very powerful tool during business hours if you have the right message.

    The problem is…most don’t know WHAT to say in an email. Whether it be your auto-responder, first email or a simple follow-up email. What are you “SAYING” in your emails?

    Are you engaging the reader and grabbing their attention?
    Are you showing a sense of urgency to help the customer?
    Are you creating an urgency to buy?
    Are you motivating the customer to answer your emails?

    All of these elements can be formulated into a quick and easy to read email including your auto-response. Take some time and place some thought into it.

    Jeff Kershner

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