How Does Online Branding Affect Inventory Engagement?

Gabriel Montano, Operations Manager at Groove Auto Group, explains why making a great first impression with car shoppers starts with nailing the basics of online merchandising and maintaining consistency throughout the shopping experience.

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Posted by Thomas Muellner

Apr. 16, 2015

Understanding Direct vs. Indirect Dealership Website Referrals

Making sense your dealership's website referrals can be a complicated process. But at a basic level, it's easy to divide referrals into two simple categories: direct and indirect. Knowing the difference will not only help your dealership understand web analytics reports, but also help assess the context and effectiveness of your store's digital marketing strategy. As a... read more

Posted by Thomas Muellner

Apr. 08, 2015

Top 10 Best-Selling Cars: March 2015

After months of steady gains, new-car sales tapped the brakes in March, rising just 1 percent compared to a year ago. Fiat-Chrysler and Toyota saw modest year-over-year increases in sales, while Ford, General Motors, Honda and Nissan all dipped slightly. However, with a March SAAR of 17.1 million, the long-term outlook for new-car sales still... read more

Posted by Thomas Muellner

Apr. 03, 2015

A Better Response To Email Leads

For a lot of dealerships, email leads are still the single most important metric in the car business. A signal of intent and an opportunity to engage, they provide a delicate line of communication between the dealership and potential customers. However, the reality is that most car shoppers don't send traditional email leads, and those that do are influenced by a... read more

Posted by Thomas Muellner

Apr. 01, 2015

Insight of the Week: College-age Consumers Spend Half-day on Mobile

While it's easy to understand the high-level trend of consumer mobility, putting it into real-world context can be a challenge. Sure, more people own smartphones,  but how is that affecting everyday life? A new study shared by eMarketer shows that nearly half of college-age consumers (age 19-22) access the mobile web at least four hours a day... read more

Posted by DealerADvantage Staff

Mar. 27, 2015

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