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Stat of the week: Text messages, phone calls considered equal by Gen-Y

The lines between mobile, online and traditional phone communication are quickly blurring, leading to new consumer preferences and changes in communication etiquette. While many still depend on phone calls and emails, younger consumers accustomed to ubiquitous use of text and social messaging are often comfortable connecting with just a few quick words. In fact, research from Experian shows that […]

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Cars.com in the news - August 22, 2014

From Cars.com's local roots to the fastest and slowest states, here's a recap of this week's top Cars.com news stories. Chicago Tech In an interview with BuiltInChicago.org, vice president of strategy, Greg McGivney, shared how Cars.com emerged from "a URL and an idea" to become one of Chicago's leading companies. Cruisin' USA Just in time for Labor Day, […]

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Want to win over car shoppers? Let your service department do the talking

Consumers think long-term when shopping for a car. The reputation of your entire dealership - not just your sales experience - factors into every car sold, and the perception of your service department is a major influence on customers. Car buyers want to know how you’ll service their vehicle after the sale, yet most dealerships don’t promote their service departments online, […]

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Stat of the week: Four out of five car shoppers use a smartphone for research

Whether standing in line at the local coffee shop, working at the office or relaxing at home after a long day, modern consumers are always connected to their mobile devices. Easy-to-use smartphones allow shoppers to have information at their fingertips no matter where they are, making mobile research a game-changer when it comes to car sales. Recent research […]

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