Insight of the Week: Mobile Email Clicks With Consumers

On the elevator, between commercials, while walking the dog – at every pause, mobile-savvy consumers have an opportunity to reach for their devices and dive into their inboxes. A rising trend, smartphones have given individuals greater access than ever before, and as a result, norm behaviors are shifting. Some actions commonly done on PCs are now commonplace... read more

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Jul. 20, 2015

Millennial Car Owners Keep Options Open For Service

It’s easy to brush aside the impact young consumers have on dealership service departments, especially with the misnomer that Millennials aren’t buying cars still prevalent at some stores. But the reality is that about 29 million Millennials get their car or truck serviced each year, and that service generates billions of dollars in revenue. However, capturing that... read more

Posted by Thomas Muellner

Jul. 07, 2015

Insight of the Week: Service Retention Plummets After Nine Years

It’s no small task to keep customers coming back to your dealership for service after the sale. Thanks to stiff competition from big box service chains and local repair shops, retention is perhaps the single greatest challenge for dealership service departments, and the numbers show it. According to a recent study by market research firm... read more

Posted by Thomas Muellner

Jul. 06, 2015

An Introduction to RepairPal Certified

As vehicles age, consumers frequently turn away from dealerships for service and routine maintenance, opting to go to national chains or local repair shops instead. Even with competitive prices, certified technicians and added amenities, most franchise stores still face an uphill battle to retain customers for the lifetime of their vehicle. The underlying reason for this is a gap in... read more

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Jun. 15, 2015

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